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BTS Consulting’s healthcare marketing brand boost solutions can turn your healthcare and scientific insights into compelling stories.

We inspire brands to be compelling and memorable. We make health-specific messages relatable to pique human curiosity. The marketing campaigns stimulate the senses and influence behavior. They break barriers, push boundaries, and build bridges to unchartered territories. They make information that was generally unknown knowable and knowledge that appeared unattainable attainable. They nurture loyalty and foster connectedness.

Far too many people find healthcare information to be too confusing, complex, and beyond reach. As the pace of scientific advances accelerates, marketers must connect the dots for them. We must make technical information accessible and understandable so it benefits people and improves lives.

Turning vision into action

At BTS, our healthcare strategy and healthcare marketing teams have the skills to do that because we have been at the forefront of innovation. In our previous experience, we have discovered drug candidates, developed diagnostic tests, and built medical devices. We led product management teams at pharmaceutical and CPG companies and marketing agencies. Now we develop messages and marketing campaigns targeting c-suite, researchers, clinicians, and patients. Our team includes marketing & digital strategists, bench scientists, teachers, pharma sales reps, and top-level developers — the secret sauce that flavors and sustains our customer-focused campaigns. By pairing our deep industry knowledge and creative expertise, we turn our clients’ vision into reality.

BTS Consulting healthcare marketing can help you find the narrative that best connects with your target audience and achieves your goals. We will speak with a voice that resonates by simplifying technical jargon, educating through case studies and whitepapers, and demonstrating thought leadership. The end-result is creation and production of content that influences those who consume and those who buy. This is accomplished considering our overarching values and commitment to inclusion, sustainability, and diversity.

We have served the strategy and marketing needs for the healthcare industry for almost two decades. We gain our clients’ trust by focusing on their vision and partnering with them to create meaningful brand strategies, generate demand, and facilitate a path to growth and success. We would be delighted to do the same for you.

Serving healthcare, life sciences, and laboratories worldwide for healthcare marketing needs.

To turn our Vision into Action, we work with the Patient Safety Movement and support their mission of ZERO preventable deaths!

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