Bring Patients Back and Start Generating Revenue

Marketing Checklist

Bring Patients Back and Start Generating Revenue

As healthcare organizations begin planning to re-open fully and start performing elective procedures, we have developed a checklist of best practices to make a smooth transition to the new normal. These steps will help bring patients back by providing them the information they need to access the right kind of care when they need it. This will position an organization to better serve its patients, generate revenue, and stand out from the crowd.  

√ Let your patients know their options when seeking care

  • Sources
    • Social media
    • Website
    • Emails
    • EHR portal notifications
  • Messaging
    • We’re open with hours of operation
    • Masks or no masks when having in-office appointments
    • Virtual visits
    • Cleaning protocols for safety

√ Enable secure messaging or a chat solution on your website

  • Answer basic questions
    • Communicate which patients need an in-office or virtual visit

√ Implement online registration

  • Install a process to mitigate the spread of the virus

√ Revamp appointment process to make appointments, including Telehealth, easier to access

  • Add instructions for Telehealth visits to website
  • Make it easy for patients to choose an in-office or telehealth appointment
    • No usernames and passwords

√ Implement touchless payments

  • Give patients an easy way to pay balances

Let us know which tactics you’re using to bring patients back and generate revenue during this “new normal”. Teri Krause