Aurora Spectral Technologies

Product Launch

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About This Project


Aurora Spectral Technologies (AST), a start-up company, develops a state-of-the-art imaging tool that couples with a multi-photon microscope system providing a unique blend of speed, efficiency, and spatial and spectral pixel-level resolution to cellular biologists. It allows detailed look at position and structure of quaternary nucleic acid and protein complexes and intracellular interactions for intelligent drug design based on biochemistry and macromolecular structural analysis. AST wanted to increase awareness and develop marketing infrastructure to commercialize its technology.


Develop a website, messaging, and marketing collateral for target audiences (large hospitals and research centers).


After extensive conversations with the management team and inventor of the OptiMiS technology, BTS developed a streamlined message to differentiate its capabilities from competing two-photon microscopes. BTS utilized professional photographers to get high-resolution pictures of the microscope and system components of OptiMiS to be used in a sales brochure. We developed a responsive CMS website, a 12-page brochure, and sales flyers to support marketing efforts. The brochure outlined applications, capabilities, and specifications with liberal use of images showing macromolecular interactions.


AST successfully launched the OptiMiS system with a new website and marketing collateral for its intended audiences.