Bone & Joint Clinic

Roadmap to Success

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About This Project


The Bone & Joint Clinic (BJC) is a specialized provider of orthopedic and musculoskeletal care at three locations in Central Wisconsin. The Clinic provides care in general orthopedics, sports medicine, joint replacement, fracture care, spine care, pain medicine, hand and upper extremity, and foot and ankle care.

BJC had never conducted a formal research study and its business plans and marketing strategy were largely based on word-of-mouth and anecdotal evidence. It wanted to develop a better understanding of its position in the marketplace, generate more reliable information regarding the extent of patient satisfaction, public awareness, and perception of its services. The goal was to re-tool strategic focus and revamp their marketing efforts based on quantitative data.


Conduct SWOT analysis and develop satisfaction (past and current patients) and perception (adults living in the communities served by the three BJCs) surveys. Develop a roadmap for success to position BJC as a leading provider of orthopedic and musculoskeletal services in the area.


Conducted a thorough SWOT analysis to understand internal and external forces impacting business.

We developed two mail-in surveys – a Patient Satisfaction Survey and a Perception Survey – targeting adults living within a 40-mile radius of the three clinics.

We developed survey questions designed to capture public opinion and perception about the client and its competitors. We incorporated survey-design techniques, including an incentive item, proven to motivate individuals to complete the questionnaire. After studying the responses, we conducted thorough statistical analysis and compiled the findings in useful, easy-to-follow formats. These findings and associated takeaways regarding which services to add/modify, how to reach customers most efficiently, and how best to spend marketing dollars were presented to management.

Developed PR and media strategy to better utilize resources.


The response rate for both surveys greatly exceeded norms as 43% of the Patient Satisfaction Surveys and 29% of the Perception Surveys were returned. This high level of response ensured the BJC had confidence in the validity of information gathered which formed the basis of future business decisions regarding its services and marketing plans. A more cohesive media strategy led to more efficient use of marketing dollars.