Glacial Ridge Health System

Targeting Millennials with Maternity Service Line Marketing Refresh

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About This Project

Glacial Ridge Health System’s maternity service line had experienced a steady 12% decline in the number of births over a period of 4 consecutive years. Women were increasingly skipping their neighborhood “small-town” hospital due to perceived concerns about the availability of latest techniques and technologies in the event of complications during birth.

Determine how millennials choose their healthcare providers, what type of information is vital to them and how they prefer to receive it, and what type of messaging resonates with them. After an extensive review, develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan to address their concerns and needs.

We developed a thorough profile of what makes millennials tick, a marketing persona, what is important to them in terms of qualities of a healthcare provider and an institution. We utilized these finding to develop a multi-media marketing campaign, “Your Birth Experience, Your Hometown Hospital, Your Way”, which included a dedicated website for the maternity service line with interactive tools, a strategic online ad buy, PPC ads, social media content development, events, large-format, broadcast, and print.

We also recommended operational tactics for the maternity floor to institute such as “Snuggle & Snooze” (Quiet Time) and an umbilical cord blood donation program.

The new message had an immediate impact. The PPC campaign had 3,395 impressions, 44 clicks, 1.3% CTR in the first month at a cost of only $150. In the very first year, declining trends of 4 years were reversed and the number of births had increased by 39%.