Glenwood Family Eye Center

Launching New Eye Center

Advertising, Content Marketing, Design, Featured, Market Research, Public Relations
About This Project


Our client wanted to launch a new stand-alone eye center in their small town to compete with a nearby well-established eye care facility. Their management felt there was still untapped market potential and business opportunity to launch the eye center. Their desire was to brand the eye center with a look and feel which was distinct yet similar to their main brand.


We performed a situation analysis and developed promotional strategy for before, during, and after the grand opening of the new eye center. It was crucial to develop insightful messaging and proper targeting with a budget-friendly marketing mix. The initiatives had to cater to two distinct audiences — patients seeking treatment for eye conditions and vision exams and consumers buying trendy sunglasses and other related accessories.


Our target audience was 18- to 65-year-old women in the eye center’s service area. We created a new look and feel for the eye center while retaining the logo design. New colors were added to the main brand’s color palette. We supplemented educational content about common eye disease with more consumer-friendly messaging providing rationale on why consumers should choose this establishment for their entire general eye care needs.

We ran ‘coming soon’ and ‘grand opening’ campaigns that included messaging on digital signage at the main facility along with writing press releases for local media. The ‘grand opening’ event included giveaways and treats. It was scheduled during lunch hours and after work to encourage community participation. Print ads, Groupon ads, online ads, radio spots, banners, social media posts, brochure, PPC ads, advertorial, and large format were developed to attract eye patients and consumers.


The eye center had a very successful grand opening. The eye center became the preferred location for eye care needs in the area within 6 months.