Masimo Personal Health

Launching a Medical Device to Consumers

Content Marketing, Design, Featured, Websites
About This Project


Masimo, a global medical technology company, invented innovative non-invasive medical devices for pulse oximetry and continuous total hemoglobin monitoring. Masimo wanted to target the consumer market with its pulse oximetry products: MightySatTM and iSpO2®. At this point, Masimo had only sold its products through Amazon. They wanted to create a consumer eCommerce website to sell their blood monitoring portfolio directly to consumers.


Create a user-friendly CMS eCommerce website that would create another point of sale for Masimo products.


Defined target market, created buyer personas, and developed marketing strategy to attract these customers identified and implemented required scope of the eCommerce site along with its structure. Created:

  • eCommerce WordPress site with shopping cart
  • Flexible platform to allow future enhancements in terms of components and features
  • A custom dashboard that allows client to manage content easily
  • Responsive custom design that adheres to brand guidelines
  • Content that is consumer friendly with social sharing integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrated PayPal and Amazon fulfillment


In the first six months, sales of MightySat and iSpO2 increased by 135%. The client has acquired 13 Professional Athlete Brand Ambassadors, 7 Amateur Athlete Brand Ambassadors, and 3 Coach & Trainer Brand Ambassadors.