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Media Strategy

Advertising, Content Marketing, Design, Media Buying
About This Project


OptumRx (formerly Prescription Solutions) needed to build awareness amongst employer groups, unions, and managed care organizations to gain market share. It was relatively unknown in the Pharmacy Benefit Manager field. Plus they wanted to develop an independent brand entity away from its owner UnitedHealthcare. Its target audience was leery of using them due to its ties to the insurance giant.


Create an ad campaign to establish OptumRx as an independent PBM and build awareness in the target sectors. Purchase an ad buy with a $1M budget.


Developed a comprehensive media plan. Researched and identified print and digital outlets that targeted each sector. Negotiated ad rates and value adds with media. Developed a media calendar that contained ads, costs, material deadlines, value adds for each media per month. Negotiated a $1,000,000 media buy to reach employer groups, HR administrators, unions, and managed care organizations and negotiated over $250,000 in value adds that were passed along to our client.


The media plan was instrumental in helping OptumRx become an independent brand entity. This supplemented sales and marketing initiatives fueled substantial growth and increased market share by prescription volume from 17 to the top 5 in the country.