Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Custom Website Development with Custom Functionality

Content Marketing, Design, Featured, Strategy, Websites
About This Project



The Patient Safety Movement has a goal of zero preventable patient deaths. The organization needed a robust website to educate and encourage its target audience to join the movement, donate, make commitments & pledges, and share patient stories. The organization also wanted to implement eCommerce to its site.


Create a robust website to target five identified audiences — patients, healthcare professionals, technology companies, Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) users and partners. Create a robust functionality with user login and user-specific forms, user-specific dashboards to increase participation within APSS workgroups and highlight challenges and solutions to reach participation and contribution goals. Create a Shop for different SKUs. that include T-shirts, ball caps, pins, bags, and APSS workbooks.


Developed strategy to enhance user experience and improve participation to reach various audiences. Created an entirely new responsive WordPress platform with the following features:

  • Flexible architecture to allow for future enhancements for components and features
  • A custom dashboard that allows the client to manage content easily
  • Custom user dashboards for all 4 identified segments
  • Custom Discussion Boards for APSS Workgroups
  • Social Sharing integration
  • Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization
  • Extensive custom post types for easy postings
  • Extensive event section for yearly Summits
  • Implement WooCommerce and create pages for the Shop


As of the 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit in 2019 the Movement had a 773% increase in Commitment made by Healthcare Professionals, 28.9% increase in Healthcare Technology Company Open Data Pledges, and 57.04% increase in Patient Stories submitted. The Shop generated almost $3,000 in revenue during its first quarter.