Which Drip Best Suits Your Marketing Objectives


Which Drip Best Suits Your Marketing Objectives

This is a difficult question and the answer depends on your marketing objectives.

Drip or lead nurturing campaigns aim to contact a targeted audience, generally through e-mail, a certain number of times over a certain period of time. They are effective because mailings are made at consistent intervals to keep your product or service on your prospect’s or customer’s radar and are sufficiently tailored to be relevant to where they are in the sales process. Since the types of responses or no responses at all trigger a different stage of the drip to move the customer towards an identified goal, the drips don’t seem to be thoughtless mass mailings that become annoying.

Major types of drip campaigns:

  1. Top-of-mind drip: Staying on the radar screen. This may work well for the hospitals that want to tout new techniques and technologies, new services, or new staff.
  2. Educational drip: This may be relevant to pharmaceutical or device companies to reveal new drugs or indications, new studies, or proper ways to utilize a medical device.
  3. Relationship drip: This is relevant to almost every business to engage their audience and promote their brand.
  4. Re-engagement drip: This may be relevant to health insurance companies or PBMs who want to re-engage with lost customers for next year’s enrollment plans.
  5. Competitive drip: This focuses on differentiating a company’s product or service from its competitors by highlighting the advantages of using its product or service. This type of drip is universal to almost every business.
  6. Promotional drip: Providing incentives and discounts can be relevant to vendors that supply consumables, reagents, or laboratory equipment.
  7. Training drip: Especially relevant to medical device companies which constantly need to train customers as technology advances.